Pop-up Christmas Tree

Thinking about a Christmas kit we had a bit of a light-bulb moment and made this design so that it can stand up.  The tree is available in two styles:  'Trad' — a mix of  greens including glitter and lustre tiles — and, 'Rainbow coalition' — which is pretty self-explanatory. The trees come with glass baubles to add over the tiles and  are topped off with a gold acrylic star. 


The tree arrives flat-packed and the slot together base makes it free-standing so that you can use it as a table decoration or arrange it on a shelf or mantlepiece.


You can glue the base together, or leave it so you can break the tree down and store it for use every year. Kids will love making it as part of their countdown to Christmas, and they will enjoy it even more as it reappears over the coming decades to impress their partners.  


The tree stands approximately 22cm high.

Each kit contains only one tree - choose the style you want below.  We will add more photos soon! 

Pop-up Christmas Tree