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Why Mosaics?


Encourages creativity

Not only do our kits give people of all ages the chance to experience ‘real mosaics’, they are particularly valuable in improving young people’s manual dexterity, understanding the practical applications of counting, seeing how colours work together, and introducing useful concepts such as symmetry and sequencing. Because of the variation in materials and the extra tiles we include, there is always the opportunity to adapt the design to ensure it is unique and personal.


Make it on your own or collaborate together

Even quite young children will persevere to complete ‘their’ mosaic by themselves. The pixelated designs were our idea to allow anyone to be able to complete a proper mosaic without the need to cut tiles (or the need for messy grouting to fill the resulting gaps). This means there is no need for any special tile nippers, and, more importantly, no sharp edges! We do however recommend that children are supervised at all times, and that the kits are not suitable for children under four years old as the tiles are a choking hazard. The kits are a great collaborative activity, fun to work on together - they’re especially good at keeping grandparents occupied rather than hanging around street corners.


Lots of designs to choose from

Whatever your interest we think we will have a design that will work for you. We’ve got lots of animals and birds - cats, dogs, lions, giraffes, owls and penguins. We’ve got magical figures - princesses, fairies and our ever popular unicorn. Older kids like our emoji kit and the skull designs. Our butterflies and dragonflies are particularly popular with adults - they look lovely in a sunlit window or conservatory. In all we have nearly 40 picture designs. Plus we have all the letters of the alphabet which are great for staking out territory on a bedroom door or for making bigger, personalised signs.

But we would love your feedback and suggestions on what new designs you would like. You can download a grid to create your own design here. Send it to us and, who knows, you may even win a prize and feature in our gallery!


High quality materials 

We are proud of the standard of our mosaic kits. We use only authentic materials: proper vitreous and ceramic mosaic tiles, precisely etched baseboards cut from sustainable, laser grade MDF, ‘child friendly’ craft glue. It all comes in a  natural cotton bag with only a small amount of plastic wrapping (and we are working on that!). 


Your own work of art

Because of the quality of the materials the finished design will last and last. Turn your mosaic into your own work of art to display. Our ‘serving suggestion’ is the small Ribba frame from Ikea - all of the letters and most of our picture kits will fit inside. The frame costs only a few pounds but really enhances your mosaic making it look extra special.


A great party activity

Tired of kids parties which turn into a bedlam of hyperactivity? We’ve run a number of parties for kids with a mosaic making session as the core activity and they really love it. Plus you’ve sorted out the party bag with something memorable for them to take home - double bubble!  We’ll be adding a page shortly to our site with suggestions and tips to organise a really fun party, plus special discount offers to buy the kits that you will need. In the meantime please email us if you have an urgent requirement and we will do our best to sort something out.


Boys like them too!

Some times boys can be a bit resistant to doing arty things, but our kits seem to ‘click’. The grids and structure of the designs are challenges that boys seem to respond to well so mosaics are a good activity for all of your children or grandchildren.

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